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Lincoln Report

The weekend had arrived, off to Lincoln we go for the National Riding Club championships, where Shannon, Chloe, Millie and myself had qualified for the junior riding test and the dressage team.

The lorry was packed, ponies, my bike and people in! We started our journey, we caught the 8am ferry, we had a very good trip, we arrived at Lincoln showground at 1.45pm. Shannon and I unloaded Belle and Ruby while our grooms for the weekend – Mum, Nanny and Grandad got sorted and set up camp! While we were waiting for Mille and Chloe and their ponies, Tia and Archie to arrive Shannon and me went to declare and find our stables.

Chloe and Millie arrived not long after us, so we got our ponies rode and settled them into their stables.

Sunday morning, we woke early as Chloe and myself were on first, Chloe and me warmed up together in a very large warm up space, Lincoln showground is MASSIVE! I rode my riding test first, soon followed by my prelim test, followed by Chloe, all went well, I remembered both my tests, Ruby was such a good girl! Next to go were Shannon and Millie to ride their two tests, they both rode lovely tests too. We then had to wait for the results, so that gave us time to do some shopping! The results were out, our team cam 9th in the riding test out of 17 teams and 11th in our dressage team out of 23 teams, we were all so pleased, out of all the teams I think we were one with the youngest members!

I have had a fantastic weekend with great support from my team members. Thank you to the Isle of Wight Riding Club for giving me this opportunity to compete at The National Championships.

I can’t wait to go again!!!

Freya Rann


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