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Ride the Wight teams report

Sorry for the delay in reporting our endurance exploits at Ride the Wight. [Tiredness kicked in!]

On Friday and Sunday our teams experienced the highs and lows of endurance riding.

The Allsorts got a team through which was great. Caroline Cooper got a Grade 1. Kevin Cooke

at his first event got Grade 4. Emma Broadhurst had a Completion. Lorraine Sheerin got a Grade

2. Lucy Moul’s lovely horse had the best heart rate at the finish, but sadly trotted up lame and so

was eliminated. We will certainly hope to have her back on a team very soon. Crewing was

tricky to say the least because of road closures. We did manage to reach our meeting places and

cheer on our riders as well as throwing water about.

Wight Wanderers team also had mixed fortunes. Jo Hogan and Sue Waddleton retired on course

as Sue was unfortunately unwell. They both came back to the venue (having taken the horses

home) to support their team mates. Sue Jones got a Grade 1 and Amber Winson a Grade 2.

Hilary Box’s Ringo despite being dwarfed by her companion’s horse had a very creditable final

heart rate but was unsound. I think it’s safe to assume that both eliminations were due to some

quite testing ground. It only takes one stone!.

As usual the team’s spirit was excellent and everyone seemed to have a good time. Thank you to

our crews who were unflaggingly cheerful.

Our next adventure should be another qualifier, but in England!

Many thanks to Karen Whittington for organising the event, and to Kingates Equestrian for the

beautiful venue.

Hopefully photos will follow.

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