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Horse Trials Report by Ali Hill

The day started early, if not bright, and a drizzly mist had settled in by about 11 o clock. However I was very excited. I am not the bravest but the cross country looked OK - even inviting!! This may have been in part due to having had several lessons on Sarah's course and feeling more prepared.

The dressage arenas had very long grass which certainly helped with the stretch down on the long rein walk! The showjumping was on a surface - rode well with nothing too scary. Off to the cross country...

After my second start (poor rider decision led to a swerve, slip and me falling off before the first jump!!!) I had a brilliant ride round. Murphy woke up and I even had to take a pull to steady him (I have photographic evidence of this!).

I had a great day. Thank you to Karen and Sharon for taking me and Murphy - sorry I fell off and thank you to the Riding Club for putting me in the team. I loved it!

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