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Georgia's first team event!!

I had to get up early but it was all worth it since the junior team did so well, qualifying for the championship and the senior team coming 10th. I had a great time, a fantastic experience which I’ll never forget.

It took a lot of preparation and hard work but it all came together in the end. It was a very busy day before, washing, plaiting and making sure the lorry was fully loaded with enough chocolate, cake and sweets!

I travelled with my friend Bonnie and her pony Fudge. Bonnie’s Mum kindly drove us.

The horses and ponies were so well behaved in their tests, Bob was a little star even though there was lots he could have spooked at and I was glad about that. It was new place for and it was my first competition away from home with Bob.

It was bitter cold (English weather!) but that didn’t spoil the day. There was a lot of competitors there and I think me and Bonnie were by far the youngest. It was a great day for all of us, we all came home with rosettes!

Everyone from the Isle of Wight were really kind and helpful but I would especially like to thank Jessie and Fi for helping me warm up and reading my test and Sarah Parker for taking me, Bob and Mum in her lorry.

I’m looking forward to my next team event – come on Riding club, we’re aiming high!

Written by Georgia (aged 10)

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